And Now A Word From Our Sponsor©

And Now A Word From Our Sponsor©

A Instagram account + GoPro ≠ does not equal travel


It's the Instagram. Instafame. It's a GoPro. The handholding, while the girl is leading. The staying in Bombay Sapphire colored hotel pools, drinking Rosé and and eating elaborate expensive meals. Jumping into a waterfall in a 400 dollar swimsuit.

This is not travel. This is a spoiled tourist. This is a lie. 

An instagram lie, a Tumblr lie, a lie sold to you that this is paradise. This is happiness. This is what we all MUST see. This is what you are missing by working a 9-5. 

This is false.

Travel is dining on the street. Losing your passport. Finding your passport. Taking the less convenient flight because you're broke, or lost your debit card or it's at a better time to board in a safer area. Getting sick. Getting lost. Feeling better and appreciating your health again. Finding where you're supposed to go and being grateful for a sense of direction.
Talking with the locals. 
Wearing local clothing. 
Taking risks.
Looking, actually looking at the stars. 
And washing that red dirt off your feet.
Watching a spider monkey jump onto your kayak and try to steal your pocket knife.
Watching the same spider monkey bite the Australian girl behind you as everyone tries to calculate the odds of said monkey carrying rabies.
Our calculation tallied 50/50. (Mostly for the sake of easing the girls nerves)


Going without sometimes. Okay. A lot of the times.
Saying yes when you want to play it safe. 
And no when you feel pressured to say yes.
Not being a wealthy tourist.

But have an open heart for the people on the street.
And the animals around you. 
The mystery of new found food, or the shock of the surreal food.
Or the bigger shock of no food. 
Being real.
Falling in love with everything around you. 

Being present. 

Not worried about your next post. Or getting sponsored. Or creating content for money. 

Or selling this idea that life is about luxurious material possessions no matter where you are in the world. 

Travel is about experiencing what you haven't yet. About being broken open and vulnerable. 
And laughing. And crying. And listening. And being thankful.

Down on the west coast, I get this feeling...

Down on the west coast, I get this feeling...