things I love:

smell of winter

nineties, two star, romantic comedies

making lists

how excited your dog is to see you, especially if you’ve been gone a while

grandma hugs

fluffy dandelions

classical music with a dramatic crescendo

when an americano is first poured & it looks like constellations swirling around

photos of my brother and sister when they were little

dandelions (the white fluffy ones)

finishing a pirouette

swimming in the warm costa rican ocean

my college astronomy class

learning a new language

getting a letter in the mail

babies laughing

watching really buff men walk tiny dogs

talking with someone about a book you both love

french accents

the color violet

my mothers hands with her turquoise rings on

no bake cookies, right after they set

the smell of painting my nails

the fruit in central america

the first kiss with someone you have electricity with

looking at snow flakes up close

smores with peanut butter

driving a really expensive car, really fast

black & white postcards

big smiles

the last few months, etc.

the last few months, etc.

coming home (a letter)