Random thoughts

A benign heart tumor patient, and a brilliant script writer, told me to stick to writing. She is one of the best writers I’ve read, or met. I’ll never forget how she used the words Prussian Blue with such ease.


Just finished Breakfast at Tiffanys & Other Stories by Truman Capote. *Sigh* I cried shamelessly at a coffee shop while reading his stories. He was a truly amazing writer and I’m so in love with the way he describes everything. (Like sherry colored eyes? sherry colored? Why haven’t I ever thought of that?)  I wouldn’t eat, answer my phone of do anything else but finish that book. Where are all the good writers now a days??


Me “I do love black & white films.”

Iz “I know you do… I can tell just by looking at you that you love black & white films.” 

Me “Sheesh.”




I had a dream I found a magical translucent opal-sheen star fish. I took it out of the water to look at it, it turned into a radiant silver and I couldn’t stop staring at how beautiful it was.


coming home (a letter)

so you want to be a writer?

so you want to be a writer?