Everyone's favorite, right? Here are some overly romantic stories of the men that were a part of my life, some were good, but most were not. We love and we learn, eh?


He ripped my book out of my hands and inhaled deeply. “There’s nothing like that smell, is there?” he said and smiled. My mouth was hanging open and I tried to talk but stammered out “that’s my favorite” and grabbed my book back. He told me I looked like a bird. I stared at him with a mad curiosity and he said “you know like a tyenee frail bird,” in his French accent and smiled.


 Later he told me how I made him feel the stars.

I looked up.

“Just like them, you see?”

and I watched them all spiraled together. 

It just didn’t make any sense and the more I try to figure it out the more I can’t. There are just some people who make you feel deep. And you won’t ever see them coming.



El Mar