Boat life

I used to work on a ship in the Pacific, and these were my experience and thoughts.
the 6th extinction

the 6th extinction

I watched a talk on the extinction of the human race. They project by 2050 more than ¼ of all species to be extinct.


I learned how to dive below the surface with a dry snorkel at Coiba Island. I was a bit nervous about how to time it but I just went for it. The difference a good snorkel and mask make while snorkeling is night and day. I didn’t have any water leakage in my snorkel or my mask. I could blow out the salt water upon resurfacing. I saw a few puffers, a group of large fish that let me swim along with them and looked at the red algae at the bottom of the ocean floor. What a miraculous world that exists. I felt as if I was in a fairy tale. The current was fairly strong, and there are known to be brackish crocodiles by the rocks, so I motored around the shoreline. I’ve spent a fair amount of time this week wondering about fear. What is fear? And why has it been instilled (unrealistically)into us? What is there to be afraid of?


Animals I’ve spotted in Costa Rica:

Broad wing hawk

Spider and howler monkey


Capuchin monkey

Black-throated Trogan

Capuchin Monkey

Scarlet Macaw

Basilisk Lizard


I crave citrus fruits in Central America. Trying to find the balance between awake & asleep, alone time & crew time. Saw a bryde’s whale today. The weather is scalding hot.


The Spanish spoke in Panama consists of a sound like Italian.

Infliction is up down up down like when saying the word cappuccino…

 ca (up)ppu (down) cci (up) no (down)

It’s faster, more mumbled.


my last few days...

working on my backwards walk

working on my backwards walk