Boat life

I used to work on a ship in the Pacific, and these were my experience and thoughts.
finally no more flippers

finally no more flippers

Back to land and out of the sea. It’s quite strange to watch everyone in my city walk around in a drone-work haze after coming back from the tropics. It literally looks as if everyone is a zombie. 

Back in the studio, I am back in ballet class. Feeling free, light & happy. I got a compliment from my teacher today on my pirouettes, which nearly made me fall over. (she never compliments me! egad!) 

Discussion of today’s ballet class: Would there be art without touch?

Calculating my savings, costs and budgeting for dance. A never ending cycle I suppose. 

I also am looking for a new job and getting adjusted to being around all these city people again.

I just finished the book “The Buried Giant” by Ishiguro. I could hardly get through the first twenty pages calling my mother and complaining the dialogue was too lengthy. The next thing I know, I was utterly glued to the damn book spending all day reading it and sobbing through the end of it. Reminded me of the beauty of magic. Seems I had forgotten. 

A new chapter begins.


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