I dance ballet and some latin dance. These excerpts are about the struggle of finding the "balance" of being an adult and having a strenous full time (and expensive) hobby.


Intermediate ballet.


Quick. Sharp. Intricate. 

Complex combinations and no demonstrations.

I had to laugh a lot because I found myself completely lost in the rapid tangle of turns and chasses. I made a lot of strange faces with my held tilted to the side, and my lips pursed together, as I tried to repeatedly disassemble the steps in class quickly in my head.The pianist played briskly, and I had to force my jaw to not drop at the sight of everyone else executing triple pirouettes in perfect precision.

Our adage work was focused on developpes (groan) :/ and arabesque turns.

We did our allegro work in a circle, with pique turns, balances (groan again) and pirouettes, and we practiced spotting at different points of the room. I had such a frustrating time keeping the pace of this, and getting the steps in sequence as we all pranced around in a circle.

My teacher stood next to me and watched me dead pan and told me to breathe, and that I was holding my breath all the time. 

Oh my, I have a lot to work on. But it was such a rush. 

Intermi(hell)diate ballet