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There is a new girl I have been avoiding on wednesday nights because she constantly asks questions instead of just being present in class. Like CONSTANTLY asking questions and she wants to be everyones bff in class. Oof. 

Also, I am a south paw which no one likes to pair with. My coach just watched me out of the corner of his eye and finally put me in a group of 3, which I could tell were less than excited to slow down for a new person.

“I have a crush on one of them,” this girl appeared out of nowhere, and slid next to me. “That one, right there,” she pointed and I looked at her, still trying to figure out where she came from. 

There is this girl who always puts on lotion during class. and red lipstick. and drinks coffee out of straws. and brings muscle milk. and leaves it in the middle of the floor while we are doing center work!!! ! "I know George Balanchine would have a panic attack if we were in his class!" I thought to myself as I stood as far away from her as possible.

Also, I also almost started crying during warm ups, because the guy playing the piano was amazing, and he loves music so much, that you can tell by the way he closes his eyes and gets all caught up.