I dance ballet and some latin dance. These excerpts are about the struggle of finding the "balance" of being an adult and having a strenous full time (and expensive) hobby.


I sat in my car breathing hard, borderline anxiety attack, thinking about ditching class. I called a bunch of people, knowing no one would answer, because no one would have the answer  I was looking for. “I have to go to class,” I thought shutting my door in slow motion. I walked into class, quiet today, just trying to clear my head. My teacher’s favorite student arrived, smelling of coffee and cigarettes, and my teacher beamed at her, extra wide and her teeth were extra white and gummy. My teacher kept telling her to do all our steps in advanced timing and technique. I could feel the entire class become insecure, shrinking down to the tiny scared girls we all were. And of course, this girl was wearing a cranberry colored leotard today, and I singed with jealousy because in my opinion, every time I have class with a girl in a cranberry colored leotard, it’s game over for everyone else. Well, it’s now or never. So I guess it’s now. I have to step it up.

Stuck in the middle...beginning.