I dance ballet and some latin dance. These excerpts are about the struggle of finding the "balance" of being an adult and having a strenous full time (and expensive) hobby.

15 seconds of fame

“Class today we have a news station coming to film you.”

“Excuse me?” I stammered, looking into the mirror at my messy bun, smeared eyeliner, and half awake reflection.

I sprinted outside the room and tried to put myself together. I opened my bag looking for god knows what, courage maybe?…and I shut my bag and yelled “Screw it!” and went back inside, and warmed up.

There is this girl who always puts on lotion during class. and red lipstick. and drinks coffee out of straws. and brings muscle milk. and leaves it in the middle of the floor while we are doing center work!!! ! "I know George Balanchine would have a panic attack if we were in his class!" I thought to myself as I stood as far away from her as possible.

The entire class was filmed and I was pretending that a glaring black lens wasn’t being shoved into my peripheral vision at all times. It was terrible trying to concentrate, but it was kind of fun. 

Of course, the girl with the muscle milk and red lipstick stayed after for an interview, and I rolled my eyes because I think she does not represent all of us that well.

So lesson for today: You never know what life will throw you. 




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